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Assquatch Weird Taxidery is dedicated to the celebration and discussion of the Assquatch and other interesting, funny, weird taxidermy.

If are you into deer hunting, you may have heard about the Assquatch while sharing hunting stories or seen it in taxidermy pictures.  If you enjoy novelty taxidermy or animal mounts, you may even be lucky enough to know a taxidermist with the power to produce such a work of art from the butt of a deer.  No matter who you are, one thing is certain…

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter, a city slicking pansy, or somewhere in between, you will be utterly amazed and entranced by this glorious creature.

Only recently was the Assquatch introduced to me during a conversation with an acquaintance.  After listening to multiple attempts to describe the thing, I insisted on seeing a picture.  I had no idea that I was about to discover one of the most odd, beautiful, disturbing, and hilarious things I had ever seen.  I knew immediately that I needed to share my experience and to document other works of strange taxidermy art.  So, I built this website, albeit Poorly.

Most people are not aware of the existence of such an odd creation.  Like I, most do not have the form of reference to produce a mental picture even remotely accurate.  Like I, many do not have the imagination (in my opinion: genious) to make the most of a hunt by turning the butt of a whitetail deer in to a strange, beautiful face.  Indeed, most people will not believe you when you tell them what you have seen on this website.  Just try explaining it to someone, and notice how quickly you resort to saying “you’ve just gotta see it…” or something similar.

So enjoy, and share, and please comment if you feel so inclined.  What do you think of the Amazing Assquatch?

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